Initialisation issues on multi-account XP Machine

Just got a new laptop. McAfee security suite came pre-installed but I thought I’d uninstall it and use Comodo for FW and NAI VirusScan for AV as we have a work site licence. I also run SpywareTerminator.
Machine is Dell Inspiron 1501 (2GHz, 1024MB RAM). XPPro SP2, fully patched.

Now, with Comodo v2.3 on an oilder machine I had no problems. With the new 2.4 on this machine I have an issue. Installed Comodo from an Administrator Account. All seemed OK. Log In to a Limited User Account and Comodo failed to initialise. A few questions:

  1. Are there any dependencies for Comodo to work on a multi-account machine in terms of the XP Services running? I have disabled a few services that I didn’t think I need. I have a feeling I got an error during Comodo startup on the LUA referring to Fast User Switching (I can’t be sure, and annoyingly didn’t write it down).

  2. I connect to the internet via a cable modem that I connect the machine to via a HomePlug Powerline Ethernet connection. On installation of Comodo I think it detected this as a LAN and prompted for an IP address and subnet mask. I wasn’t sure what to add in here as the IP address is supplied by the ISP via DHCP. As it was I left the IP= and Subnet=, half expecting this to cause an internet connection problem, but it didn’t. Any advice on this front?

Sorry neither of those are very specific. At present I only have XPs firewall active. If I can’t easily get Comodo up and running on this machine I’ll probably reinstall the McAfee security suite as the NAI VirusScan seems to be causing an issue as well (slow startup due to the On Access Scan taking a long time to initialise).


I have the very same issue. v2.4.17.183 firewall loads fine within an admin account but fails to load in a user account with limited access privileges (“cpfres.dll could not be loaded”). Perhaps this could be fixed with next release?

This is important because it´s the only thing that still prevents me from using a limited user account for internet access.

Hello, i have the same problem :frowning:

My Comodo version ist:

I also installed comodo as an administrator - no problems, then i created a second administrator account USER1 and USER2 → Limited User Account

When i login as USER1 or USER2 then comodo failed to start :frowning:

here is a screenshot as USER1 (Admin)

Please help us !

Me too, same problem.
I did install Comodo with an admin account. For partitionist, I am not sure your approach is recommended, making the original admin account into a limited user account.

Anyways, back to the subject. After manually updating Avira Antivir Classic in an admin account (It updates automatically once daily also in limited user account, but i wanted to do it manually on the admin account so to be sure that also program updates are taken all care of).
So to my surprise, when logging to limited user account SP2 security Center told me i have no firewall and Comodo systray icon was normal, but the monitor things were off as in the pic in partitionist’s post.
Shields Up! test showed me to be stealthed though and a reboot solved the scary thing too. So something with Avira update maybe, who knows.

This is also a new XP Pro (desktop) pc that has never installed/ran any other firewall except win SP2.
It was not the first time that has happened. Logging into limited user account and Comodo failing to start properly.

It is with these new firewalls, they seem always beta, there is a bug here and there and always new feautures are pushed instead concentrating fixing existing bugs to make the firewall safe which is the most important thing after all.