Initial updates

Im not real happy that the initial update is over 60m and is taking forever on a highspeed connection, its absolutly insane to believe that an antivus update is this large and the site it is downloading from is that slow. poor planning here boys. >:(

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Only the initial update is large. From then on, the updates take less than a minute. COMODO is working on reducing the database size/download while keeping the same level of protection.

Hi, I just downloaded CIS_Setup_3.11.108364.552_XP_Vista_x64 and it’s half the size of previous installations, which is great… but worrying as I have to install this on a PC with a dial-up connection.

It sounds like you’re working on an alternate solution - will the update after installation be another 40 - 60 MBs or does this version already include the new technology?



No sorry larger 100 - 108 MBs

Just did clean install yesterday and it was 108mb


Edit The latest version is 3.12

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my comodo doesnt update ! it says that i should check my connection , while my connection is working fine , it stops at 30% , this is the 1st update :o

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This can be confusing but it stays at 30% until the download is finished, and as this is the first update it is large about 100mb.


when i restart Comodo it says that it was never updated , it only worked when i formatted the pc :slight_smile:

Sorry that is another confusing thing I forgot to mention after the first large update it asks you to reboot, but stills says never update after reboot.

The only way to check is Miscellaneous / About if the virus database is still 1 the update has not worked.

You have to do another update before this changes.