Initial observations


Just started looking into CAV. As follows are my first observations - not necessarily criticisms.

  1. Right clicking on a file and selecting “Scan with CAV” takes almost two minutes before the file scan is completed, due to a memory scan being done first.

Is the memory scan really necessary, given the users will usually expect right clicking to scan file would result in a really qiuck check of just that one file?

  1. Loading the 117,000 entry virus list takes too long, consumes between 20% and 95% of CPU and chews RAM.

Does having this exhaustive list deliver any benefit to the user, other than for curiousity sake? Can we click on a virus entry and get more detail on what the virus is/does etc.? Would this be better accessed as a web resource (this would also trim down the update size)?

P.S. VERY impressive listing for a new release. What is the anticipated update frequency?

  1. Scan reports merely show a heading, rather than details. To see the detail, you have to save the report as a text file.

Shouldn’t the users be able to double click a report header and have the detail appear on screen, without having to save it first?

  1. Scanning speed is ssslllooowwww ( but understandable given the V1.X nature of the software) - over 15 minutes to scan approx. 10,000 files. Admittedly this was with heuristics enabled, but still …

  2. Loved the mass mailing alerts - very nicely done!

Overall, a very promising debut. I’ll test further with deliberately introduced viruses over the next few days and post further. I’m not ready to drop my existing AV yet, but this will make for a more than capable backup until it mature as we hope it will.

cya l8r,
Ewen :slight_smile:

  1. Memory scan inclusion/exclusion with on-demand scanner is user’s choice. But still this should be considered for next release.

  2. This may be the first step towards gving the virus information to user. So, more information on viruses as a web link can be expected in future.

  3. Yes. Simply click scan detail and scroll the scrol bar or maximize the window to see all the details.

  4. If you have any other AV on the same system then thier on-access scanner will also scan all the files being scanned by CAV. So its just double scanning and hence the speed is reduced.

  1. DOH!

  2. If you take the time to fully load the virus list, you don’t get any further information, other than the name. As the name of any found infection is displayed during the scan, I can’t see any use for the virus list, other than curiousity. Hopefully they will expand the available info beyond just a name, but I hope this is a web based service, rather than bloating the app.

P.S. Really glad to see they are adopting the industry standard naming conventions.

  1. See point 1 (mine, not yours! LOL)

  2. Tested on a clean system with no other AV installed. Scan speed is slow. I’ve just finished attempting to scan two entire drives (11.8 GB datamass - 31,528 files). The last visible disk activity took place after 22:30 (roughly) but the scan didn’t end. It kept running, doing apparently nothing. I ended the scan after 45 minutes with no advance in the number of files or folders scanned. After ending the scan, the process “cavsn.exe” was still running at 90%-97% CPU utilisation. I don’t know if the actual scan had finished, but how long is long enough to to wait?

For a V1.X release, this is bloody awesome!