Inherent problem with remote support


I just finished a geekbuddy session with “Gibson”. I am not a happy camper. “Contact your ISP” is not what I expected… At least have the sincerity to say… er… dunno!!! If you want to know what happened then I’m sure there is a log somewhere… otherwise I’ll summarize. Let me know. Anyway… I’ve uninstalled geekbuddy.

There is an inherent problem with Remote support when diagnosing connection problems… because… there’s a problem with the connection.

I’d like to see a logging product that will log all sorts of stuff… perhaps after setting options… especially about internet connections… that runs on the client. The support person could then interogate the log to aqttempt to see what’s happening.

A utility that could be run to check things out and produce a report would I think also be useful.

How about a screen dump program that could be run by a script at various points.

It’s may even not be rocket science… it’s perhaps not very good programming practice but SendKey works fine and I’m sure some diagnostic companies use it.