InfoSecurity Article about Antivirus industry

InfoSecurity Article on Antivirus industry done by me.

what are your views on this?


Very good Melih and it is good to see a company trying to stay in front of Malware makers. Making money from peoples misfortune is not nice as some do. If everyone had Comodos approach to this I’m sure the Web would be much safer. New approaches are definately a requirement to stay ahead of new forms of Malware and it is good to see Comodo doing its best. Thanks and Kind regards.

Many thanks , good knowdlege Kind regards

You get friendly approach to people while folks at ZoneLabs and Symantec use terror/bully tactics to buy products that will eventually fail it’s paying customer while relying on old technology [15+ year]…
Default deny is working, deny the unknown.
Very nice article! :-TU

Exact , very nice this a :a0 rticle Kind regards

Keep on propagating your ideas Melih. (:CLP) A paradigm shift does not happen overnight. It’s a long process.

Very good article!

Good Speech :slight_smile: