Information on Comodo 5.0

So, I heard there is gonna be a version 5.0? O0 :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU
Could you mabye give info on what will be improved and the Online Scanner with Behavior…What?
It sounds very very awesome, but I can’t see how it protect us. ;D

Tell me about the improvements and the Cloud Scanner. ;D Thanks!

Please be patient when the first BETA comes out.


Lock this duplicated thread, please.

Thank you.

Perhaps we should keep this thread as and info thread when beta arrived?

  1. There is one about sneak preview, which is enough for now.
  2. Beta is many months away from now, no need for this thread at all.
  3. There will be created new thread for bet, when it will be released.
    Conclusion: usless and duplicated thread.
    For the love of the God, lock this already.


As others have pointed out, in their own inimicable style, there is already a thread about the upcoming CIS 2011.

It does not contain much in the way of technical detail, as Comodo have placed an embargo on what can and cannot be disclosed. As and when permission is given, either the mods or Comodo staff will be able to disclose details.
Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> Thread locked.

@ CIS 2011 (CIS 5.0) SNEAK PEAK