Information on CFP ???

I noticed on CNET that there is a new release of CFP but there is no mention of this on the COMODO website. I’m currently running CFP I did download it from CNET and indeed the file name is CFP_SETUP_3.0.22.327_XP_VISTA_X32… I also ran an update from my CFP and it comes back with there are no updates available… I am hesitant on installing this, but if I do if it is a true update, do I uninstall the current CFP to install the new or just run the install to update?? :THNK

Because 22 is a beta version. I haven’t seen Comodo release CFP betas on the official download site. So the fact that you see that version in other sites basically means some forum members here have “sneaked in” and downloaded it in order to upload it to their own servers.

FYI: A new release version will be released [url=;msg152081#msg152081]today or Thursday

You can read all about at . As a beta, it won’t be updateable, and as I recall doesn’t preserve your settings? Unless you want to try out the early version of Threatcast, stick to the version you have until there is a release.

Thank you both for your quick reply, it was most informative… I can’t see how CNET can promote this as a new release not beta with out the COMODO consent… My opinion, someone screwed up somewhere along the line… Thanks again! :Beer