[INFO]: pretty impressive resource usage :)

looks good :slight_smile:

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Yep, about a third of v2, and with much added functionality. Impressive. (:CLP)

Yes it’s really good.
I’ve 7.5 + 2.5 Mb right now.

23.2MB combined peak mem usage here after about 6 hours of reasonably intensive usage. V. impressive.

I’ll spread the word to some of my fellows!

Dev team, this is what’s called in my book:
“awesomely-efficient application development” (:CLP)

I noticed that cfp.exe RAM usage changes more often (which is good because at times it also goes down instead of just up), which is similar to other great memory-managed programs like uTorrent.

CPU usage-wise, all the v2 issues I had no longer exist no matter how much I monitor or try to reproduce!

This is probably one of the primary reasons I’ll be sticking with v3 :BNC

Yep it’s good because that means that it’s as low as possible at any time. :slight_smile: And it’s true, now I’m noticing that it can go as low as 7 MB or as high as 12 MB (I haven’t tested extensively, those are just a small sample), but v2 was about 30 MB ( :)!). (My OS is 32b --even though my processor is 64b.)

(:CLP) (V)

Please note : when I said it was using 23.3MB, I was specifically referring to PEAK memory usage. Transient usage hovers between 9 and 12 MB.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No one blames you for your initial VAGUE description, Ewen. ;D

barely noticable usage on my pc, 7mb average (:CLP)