Info Needed

Can you give info on “Did you mean to go to …?” thing in the left below the address bar?

Attached is the screenshot

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you’re using comodo dns, disable it and try again…

You are right.

Comodo DNS disabled doesn’t gives this

But why it gives this? Coz clicking on it is either a blank page or error page.

I’m not totally sure if the ‘issue’ is Chrome related or DNS related, it actually seems to be a bit of both. From what I’ve seen, this only happens in Chromium based browsers and only with certain DNS providers. If you click the link offered it will probably take you to something like

ht tp:// nxd.

Again, from what I’ve seen it’s something that happens on single word searches. It’s possible there’s a setting somewhere in Chrome to change this behaviour, but I didn’t see anything obvious in settings or about:flags.