INFO: Comodo v3 and winpatrol

Ok gang!!
Need your help…since I now have v3 installed is it necessary to have winpatrol also installed???
Am I correct this would be duplicating the purpsed with winpatrol installed?? Appreciate your input as usual.

I have got the two programs. With win patrol i control start up programs. I have got delayed start up programs, etc. WP controls file association…
I think they have got different tasks.

it is NOT necessary to have Winpatrol installed, i have both installed, Winpatrol has a variant of useful features, Winpatrol is not a firewall and Comodo is not a start-up organizer (Winpatrol does that among its many features) as with Comodo, Winpatrol is free, you can pay a small amount to upgrade and allows you to see more info on active programs/start up programs/ hidden files