Infected with mass malware

Hey guys im writing you about this im infected with RAT(remote administration tool) ,stealer and botnet.
The problem is that some of them remain after reinstall of my Windows/format on all partitions.
I think that they may infect the mbr code,i also think that i may be infected with tdl4 rootkit.
I have scanned with few av’s,mbam,hitman pro,tdsskiller,roguekiller with no infected results …
Hope i will get help here.

Sorry, but it would be very helpful to have a little more information. What symptoms are you seeing that make you believe you are infected?

Hey Chiron,thanks for your fast reply.
Well im infected from my ‘‘friend’’.
The sympthons are :
-my mouse is moving without i do nothing
-when sometimes play games,they are closing suddenly
-few my friends showed my strange things written from my skype
-im flooded as f**k and also flooding someone (when i saw my local area connection i recieved and send milions on packets for 2-3 mins)
-my pc is veeerryyy slow … etc etc

Can you please follow the advice I give in my article about How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected and let me know what you find?