infected chrome extension errors in dragon

When i was using Chrome i downloaded an extension called PC Converter Pro. It did not work and it was malware or a virus. it would not uninstall and caused Chrome to behave erratic, unable to install further extensions from the Web Store and could only use a few of the other extensions installed. if i tried to delete and extension Chrome would freeze and i would have to hit Esc to unlock it but it was frustrating. I bought Malwarebytes Premium 3.0 and it detected it and deleted about 3oo files it had created but the app itself would not leave Chrome. I did a Clean Install of my OS, i uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it. One of the problems is that whenever I signed in to Chrome or Gmail it would automatically pull in that extension. I would try to uncheck the Import Everything but it would not let me. So now i find Comodo Dragon and i got so excited to have “Chrome” again but safer. Even though i have not imported anything and the extension is not in Dragon once i signed it to the Chrome WebStore Dragon is acting the same. Freezing up, none of the extensions are working. when i click on any of them the browser freezes. What can i do other than delete my Google account? I have had that Gmail address for years and years and it is tied into so much. Is there a way to delete history from the Google server without deleting the account? Please help…this is further than i have been able to get with Google and it is their fault this happened in the first place with a bad extension in the Web Store!

When you sign into your google account, choose the option on what to sync not sync everything. Then you can deselect the extensions option. To clean the malware / virus, use malwarebytes with windows started in safe mode.