Ineresting Microsoft WMI Fix

I saw this and thought it would be important for users to know.

Thanks for posting this. Just tried to get it but MS doesn’t like my Windows :frowning:

I’ll need to find it elsewhere (bit of a risk) or have it by e-mail, but it does look worthwhile.

It’ll be in SP3 - coming soon to a warez site near you!

So I see you have an illegal copy of Windows. Nice. :■■■■

Sorry for my ignorance but what’s that update good for? (:SHY)

Its right under summary

A software update is available for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) in Microsoft Windows XP. This update improves the stability of the WMI repository. The update includes many of the improvements that are available in WMI in Windows Vista.

I mean, what’s the WMI for?

Thanks (:KWL)

Illicit, yes. I wouldn’t pay for obsolescent software; it’s more imoral to charge for such than to use it.

Anyway, got the fix via a reputable site that posted a direct link to M$’ download - so there! :slight_smile:

It would be nice if it fixes that long-time Windows issue of confusing users that their firewall or AV is “remains” on their PC after uninstalling. I bet some have broke their veins over this issue (:AGY), blaming the security vendor for an “unclean” uninstaller.

Windows Vista users DON’T need to worry about this update.