Indication of Malware Infecton?

On one of the pc’s used at work by one of our sales reps for email & internet research we have noticed lately some mis-behavior. Firewall indicating in&outbound traffic when no browser open, hd & cpu use jump when pc not being used & screensaver active (note: same SS as on other pc’s, but not same activity), extreame slowdown in performance, long resume after coming out of screensaver mode.
Installed SysInternals Process Explorer and noticed several remote services running.
Opened AdminTool\Services and noted that services related to remote connection were all set to start automatically, checked against two other pc’s that seemed ‘clean’ and similar services were set to start manually.
We reset all the services to start manually on the ‘bad’ pc and rebooted. Antivirus detected a “potential” trojan (sorry, didn’t save the file or write down name), ran three different rootkit scanners and none detected, and pc seems to be running ok again.
So, do you think that this indicates some kind of bot infection? Are there other services that we should be checking, such as relating to security services?
Thanks, and I think CFP3 is great, and when you work the bugs outta CAVS, I will give it another try and hopefully it wiil turn out to be the best AV available.

Dana J.

Possibly some employee of yours is remoting in into your system to do work…