Indestructible file

I have indestructible files. usuall of the form xxxxxx.ncn where xxxx is a random letter sequence. Usually in the root of a volume.
Commodo reports the files as "ndhilfn.ncn uncalssified Malware@6139511
Accepting Quarantine or Remove clears the dialog box, but the file is still there.
I have tried the COmmodo Cleaner Wipe Fiunction, Spybots’s Shredder, Command line utiils to change flags, and force deleate, all faill with access denied.

How can I get rid of these files?

Try using this program:

It should be able to get the job done.

Please be careful though as files deleted with this tool cannot be recovered. I would first submit these files as false positives to Comodo through:

and wait for their response. If the email they send you confirms that the file is indeed malicious I would remove it with fileassassin.