Independant tests of the AV component of CISfree, also have I got a false +ve ?

Hi All,

I recently installed CISfree on my nettop under Win7. I have 2 questions:

  1. I need to log the health & temp of my hard disks and downloaded a newly released hdd temperature monitor called HD Smart Lite’ from cnet - which said the file was tested malware free. The filename was ‘ from cnet’ downloaded from link:

When unzipped the file CIS gave me a warning: detected malicious item Name TrojWare.Win32.Vilsel.G@104931143
To avoid risk of infection I chose to ‘clean’ it.

A few days later I downloaded it again with same result. (no other sites have this new utility yet)

As cnet claims all its files are tested malware free, I am asking if you can check this file out and let me know if it indeed has a trojan, or is a false +ve.

  1. I installed the WHOLE of CISfree, as I read it is better to protect your pc using a suite, rather than picking best of each. I read Comodo is mainly noted for its good firewall, not its antivirus. Previously I used AVG antivirus & spyware checker. I heard there is a very good site called ‘av-comparitives’ publishing regular rankings of each anti-virus product. I looked there but did not see Comodo CIS listed. Grateful for links to any well-regarded av comparison sites that test CISfree AV component.
  1. Submit it as a False Positive.
  2. CIS and

Comodo Antivirus may not be at the top yet but it’s getting there and it works very well as part of the entire suite. I would trust it more than AVG at this point. AVG used to be very good but has slipped over the past couple of years.

looks like it really might be malware:

I’ll submit it to avira just for giggles to see if they add detection for it.

Don’t think that just because it is on c-net it is safe, I have seen cnet host malware before and everyone is susceptible to code injections.

why don’t you try this one.

Thanks all.

The next day, I saw the version number of that file was updated from 1.1.38 to 1.139. I downloaded direct from 国产精品伊人久久久,久久资源视频,91热爆在线精品,综合久草, and when unzipping, CISfree no longer reports it as having the Trojan; - so I guess no need to submit the now outdated file to comodo for testing.

And thanks for the link to ‘CIS and’ post dated 21 June, saying CISfree will be included in next update. Anyone know when thats likely to be ?