Incremental Updates

Comodo needs to provide incremental updates.

If we are downloading updates from Internet, Instead of always downloading full bases.cav (130MB/85MB) everytime.

if we have incremental updates say, daily, weekly and monthly, it would save a lot of download time and bandwidth for both Comodo servers and users too.

They need to think about optimizing your antivirus databases. Where to download updates to fit in 80 MB? CAV knows more than seven million viruses. Even Kaspersky knows more than 4 million.

CAV downloads 80MB once because its database is 0.

Valentin N

That is a poor excuse Valentin, because, if the default product comes with no bases, again it does not give an option to manually update either, then the product is dumb (I am very specific about CAV not D+) without internet connection.

CIS used to come bundled with the AV database, but people complained about the size of the installer.

But I’m all for options! It would be nice if there was a download available that contained the current database for offline installations, as well as an easier offline update.

I agree with the download size issue. But what difference does it make by downloading 30MB CIS and 80MB bases vs 120MB CIS that works out of the box?

And as I mentioned above there is no alternative either… You must download the 80MB bases even after installing CIS, so how does it really help by not including it?

By the way, I am also not in favour of including full bases in CIS, but as I mentioned earlier, a way to update CIS from local folders, a way to store already downloaded bases locally for distribution would be the best possible solution that I would suggest.;new#new

best solution is to have an updated av data base on server too which can be downloaded separately
this will be of great help particularly if bandwidth is limited
when i format my comp and want to have some protection before connecting to net :P0l

It already exists, follow this thread

bit complicated procedure :frowning:

The best thing would be if the updates (if not completely at least partially) are included when CIS is downloaded.

Valentin N

I think you are missing the point, incremental updates are not for the first full download, no problem with the way this is done now.

Incremental updates are for after that download so that you can update your antivirus without having to go online with that particular computer, at the moment your only choice is to download the full file at weekly intervals or more.

There are numerous reasons why you might need this, the previous AV I used did supply small incremental updates and I believe most do.


Hi is someone bothered about this?

Can we expect this in CIS 5.4? or CIS 6?

I think CIS should have 2 databases. CIS has got cloud which has all the databases so I think CIS should have 2 databases. Comodo Smart Database (current, most prevailing & important malware databse) & Full Database (like it is currently). Users who want to use Smart Databases can go with it & who want to go with Full can use it. Comodo Smart Database will be small in size & perfect companion for full cloud, offline protection & light product. Wot say frds??


Any progress on this ?