Incremental still copies all files?


I’m trying this backup program and it seems very nice.

One question though:
When i use incremental backup it still copies all files each time even if i’ve not touched the source files.
I backup from my XP computer to a network.

Thanks (:WAV)

To clearify… if i use “simple copy” it doesn’t remove files not being used in source and i end up with lots of old files.
And if i use “moove with deleting…” it does remove unused files… but it actually removes everything before transfering files which makes the incremental a non-incremental.

I was hoping i’d be able to do a incremental backup with only the changes “source → destination” and that not used files are removed from destination, is this possible?

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Hello, I’ve got the same problem…Comodo backup seems not to work in incremental logic. The only solution I found was to create the backup file without time and date in the name (simply in that case, it seems to backup only changed files, loosing history: the changed files replace the old ones in the zip archive…while I would like to create a second zip archive containing only changed files…!
This solution works if backup destination is local…tonight I’ll try it with a network backup…I’ll let you know.

Let’s keep in contact…let me know if you find a solution!


Seems to work also from network position…