Incremental/differential backups, please help!

I really don’t understand how to get CB to work the way I want.
I’m trying to get an incremental or differential (for the moment it’s the same) of a folder, say Folder A, without having the previous versions of changed files overwritten, and using simple files as both baseline and increments/differences (so no *.CBU, zip, iso, etc).

Here is what I’ve tried:

Differential backup → make new
choose C:\Folder A as folder to backup, simple copy mode (no sync). Folder A contains file a.txt and file b.txt
Destination Folder: D:\BACKUPS
no macros, nor any other advanced options set
Run backup and save profile on complete

What I get is the first differential backup, which is equivalent to a full backup, i.e. D:\BACKUPS\Folder A, containing both txt files. Fine.

Now I create C:\Folder A\file c.txt and edit file a.txt 's contents
Open CB → choose previously saved profile → Run now
What I get is D:\BACKUPS\Folder A containing file a.txt 's new contents (old version LOST!), file b.txt which stays the same, and file c.txt.

What I was expecting instead was to get another folder, say Folder A- containing only the new version of file a.txt and the recently created file c.txt, with Folder A acting as baseline.

So macros came to my mind. Fine: new profile with destination folder set to D:\BACKUPS and macro called “Folder A_DD-MM-YYYY_HH-MM-SS”.
I start over with two new file a and file b files in C:\Folder A
After the first run of this new profile I get D:\Backups\Folder A_\Folder A containing file a and file b.
I create C:\Folder A\file c.txt and edit file a.txt 's contents.
What I get now when I re-run the profile is D:\Backups\Folder A_\Folder A containing all three files.

The same thing happens using REVISION or INCREMENTAL macros, the IDs change but the contents are always a full backup of the situation in the moment when the backup task was run.
Same problem with incremental backups.

Could someone please help me?

im pretty sure that incremental/differential simple copy backups are not supported. i wanted to use this aswell to backup to my ftp server but comodo told me its not yet supported. idk if its just to ftp or if its incremental simple copy as a whole. i have requested this feature to be added many times so lets hope they add it soon.
im sure comodo staff emanuel will tell us something soon on this

Thanks, I keep my fingers crossed for some good news :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the news is not so good.
CB doesn’t support what you are asking unless you use .cbu backup format.
For simple copy, the incremental/differential simple copy backup uses as base the destination folder. It doesn’t accept other folders as base.