incremental compressed

when i choose compressed format and incremental backup, it seems that i get a full backup each time-- that is, a whole new zip file which contains all the files, not just the ones that have been changed

when i change it to not choosing compressed, then change one file and backup, only one backup file is there, with only the change file changed-- and the backup occurred much faster

I have used another good free backup program, DF incremental backup, that saves a new zip file with only the changed files in it, not all the files

if comodo backup can’t do this too, i will go back to DF…

Hi JG,
Iam not getting this kind of issue. Ok try to send the System configuration to the Comodo Support team. They will have a look a your problem and then they will provide us with a new update at the earliest possible. Hope you might checked the full backup option.