Incremental backups

Hi everybody,

I’m a new Comodo Backup user and I have a problem with incremental backup. I read previous posts without benefit.

What I need is to backup a directory with incremental backup.
The 1st time I run a full backup. The 2nd time I added a new file to my target directory, and then edited the previous backup from full to incremental. Then I run the backup, but it was a full backup again.

What is the right procedure to perform an incremental backup? Is there something I’m missing? Should I reload the previous backup in some way? If I should run a buckup of several GB, should I load all previously DVDs to let comodo know which files has been saved?

Sorry for mistakes: I’m not from an English speaking country…


Hi Andrea

What version of Comodo Backup you have?
Is it 1.0 or 2.0?

Thank you