Incremental backup

New to Comodo Backup. Running version 2.1.117500.10. Is there no incremental backup feature on this version?

Incremental backups are not available in 2.1

Will this feature be introduced in future versions?

Yes, it will

What about in version 2.2.127000.12 is the incremental option available ? if not when it will be ?

Incremental disk&partition backups will be available in the next release.
Files & directories incremental backups will be available in the release after that.


I think you now what is the next question?
When are those versions going to be public? i don`t want a precise date just to now if it is a mather of minutes, hours, days, weks, months… ;D

I guess it is a matter of months.
Disk and partition incrementals will be out next month
files & directories incrementals could be out in 2-3 months.


Ceva noutati? se mai aude ceva cu incrementalul ala? ???

You can try English :slight_smile:
Incrementals will be included in the next release.
Most likely the next release will come at the beginning of the next month.


July 24th - using 2.2.127000.12 - still waiting for Incremental Backup … any revised target date? TERRIFIC program but this will sure be a bit help - a full back of 150GB doesn’t work daily on a 500GB external MyBook for very many days :o


We introduced incremental backup.
Please try the BETA2 version of Comodo Backup.