Incremental Backup

I did set up a ticket for this earlier in the year but the problem is still unresolved.
I am having trouble using the incremental backup facility. I did a full backup of various folders and then tried to do an incremental backup of one of these, My Music. Instead of copying only those files that had changed, it copied all of the folder. I therefore performed a full backup of My Music, which completed successfully, and then, as a test, immediately did an incremental backup of the same folder. Again, it copied the entire folder even though nothing had changed. The same thing happened on the My Pictures folder. My backups are performed to a DVD. I am using Comodo Backup on Windows XP Home Edition.
Has anyone any thoughts on what I might be doing wrongly?


The first time you run an incremental backup, it does a full backup. The second time it is run, it compares the results of the first full backup to the current contents of the destination and only backs up the changes.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for this. Clearly, this isn’t how I thought it would work but I’ll certainly give it a go. My plan is to do a full backup, say, every month or so and, in the interim, just do incremental backups. I assume, therefore, that I don’t need the full backup profiles that I’ve set up as I can use the incremental backup to create the initial full backup and, when I want to do another full backup, I must ensure that Comodo has nothing to compare with. Thanks again.

I had thought the same thing, but it doesn’t seem to be doing this for me, either. It seems to grind through the entire file list every time, even stuff that’s quite old.

My idea is to only back up files that have changed on the source, and to delete from the backup drive any files that are no longer on the source. Pretty simple, I thought.

I’m running btw, I’m also running Comodo Firewall, in case that matter at all.

Here are my settings:
Work Mode: backup mode - copy with deleting other than source files.
Options: incremental backup. enable revision is unchecked.

I’m running XP, and backing up to the same USB drive each time, same folder. Hard drive is NTFS, and USB is FAT32… could this matter? Maybe something in this scenario changes file dates incorrectly? Are backups examined by file size, CMC, date only, or what? Really I have no idea what could cause this.

Any ideas appreciated. btw, I like the program in general, and appreciate its being free.