Incremental backup with old copies of changed files not overwritten - possible?


I have a problem with the implementation of the incremental backup which I have not been able to solve and I hope you could help me with:

I am trying to perform an incremental backup in which a full backup is performed the first run and then incremental periodical backups are made to keep files up to date with changes. However, I want to keep old copies of files which are updates and I was trying to use the macro revision number to add the revision number to the folder of the files which are being backed up.

However, when I use the incremental backup with no macros everything works fine. When I use the macro to append the revision number (or any other macro for that matter) the backup creates a new folder to which it always performs a full backup, as the folder does not exist and it “thinks” that the incremental backup is indeed a full backup since no file exists in this folder. This happens both in the native backup format and in simple copy format and regardless of what I choose in the incremental backup type (automatic or specific).

I hope you can assist me with this or maybe just tell me that incremental backup by comodo does not support revisions – just the full backup.

I have been using simple copy for the backup type. maybe this is the source of the problem?

Many thanks in advance,

Trev wells


I forgot to mention that I have been chating with Carl via Geekbuddy for an hour yesturday and after an hour he realized he was not able to assist and refered me to this forum…


Comodo are you there?

Your online Geekbuddy support promised a prompt response, as they were clueless, yet is has been almost a week, more than 350 people viewed the post but stiill no response!



Hi Trev,

Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

For CB problems, they are normally responded to very quickly by Emanuel Sescu ( COMODO Staff ) who monitors this section.

Unfortunately his last log on date was the day before your initial post and this would indicate that he is on holiday - well deserved as he does a very good job on here :-TU

Don’t wish to state the obvious :-[, but with all the ‘reads’ no-one else has been able to answer your question, or they would have posted straight away.

Please be patient, as I’m sure once Emanuel returns he will assist if no-one else has in the mean time :slight_smile:

Hi Trev,

Sorry for the delay.
When using simple copy incremental backups, the destination path (resulted after CB resolves the macro) is used as base for comparsion. If the resulting destination doesn’t exit, backup will run as full.
If you want to avoid this you can use incremental cbu backup. If you want to browse it as a simple copy backup you can mount it.