Incremental Backup Problem?

I have a question about Incremental Backup and hope someone can help?

I setup the software mode to Incremental Backup and when I run the job for the first time, it was doing what it suppose to do and copies all the files to my destination network drive. However, when I rerun the same job (without any modification to the source files), I noticed Comodo Backup DELETES all the files from the folder where the destination drive is regardless if the files are modified or not and then recopy all the files back to the destination folder (just like a Full Backup). I am not sure if my setting is correct but, I thought Incremental Backup is suppose to copy only modified files? This is very time consuming since my source files are very large and one job takes more than 30 minutes to run and I have 7 jobs to run. Any help will be great. Thanks!

Below is my Setting for Windows XP Home SP2:

  • Backup Mode = Copy with deleting other than Source Files
  • Backup Type = Service Backup
  • File Creation Mode = Incremental Backup

Hi webbeyond2000,
Welcome to comodo forums (:CLP), There is some problem with this option. What it has to do normally is that if the destination folder has some files at the beginning, while the job is execcuted the COMODO backup has to check the files in the destination folder with the source folder.Then if the contents are not as same as the source folder means it has to delete the same and copies the contents in to the destination. But right now it is not doing it instead it is copying the contents of the source folder in to the destination folder by deleting the contents of the destination. So hope for the best COMODO people will provide us with the required updates in the mere futureā€¦

We have fixed this issue in our latest release.
Please try our latest version, mentioned in following link:,1840.0.html
and let us know if you still see any issue with it.