Incremental backup is comparing the whole data?


first of all: That 64k chunk backup feature is really great. I was searching a long time for such a backup software.
Unfortunately I noticed another thing beside my locked-files-error.
My problem is that Comodo Backup completely compares the whole data when doing an incremental backup.
This is ok to get the changed 64k chunks. But also it takes a really long time to complete.
When I used Acronis True Image it completed the incremental backup (when nothing has changend) within 5 minutes. Comodo Backup needs 3 hours o.O
Isn’t there a check for the archive bit of the file or an internal database with change date of the files so not every single file has to be completely compared?
Or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


Actually, the whole files are read and compared again.
The next release will fix this.

Thank you for the feedback.

Hi Emanuel,

great to hear. Thank you very much.