Incremental backup error 33


Comodo version 3 on Window7 64 bit Ultimate: created a full backup (succeeded OK) then wanted to create an incremental backup, get error 33 immediately. Backing-up to internal drive (different drive to the one being backed-up).

What’s the problem ? How to fix ?


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Hi, I don’t know what the problem is or how to fix (yet) and you might notice I have posted similar issue. Could you describe please what you selected to back up; for example, was it Disk 0 or did you select a particular partition, partition C: perhaps without Track 0 & MBR? Details of your operating system and other key software installed (security software etc) could also help Comodo Staff and other forum members narrow down the problem. Also, did you change your computer set-up in any way between the Full BU and your attempt to create an Incremental?