Incredimail stop working

I just installed comodo firewall v3 and now my my incredimail doesn’t work. i’ve tried to make all the files that are used by it trusted app still nothing

I’m getting:

Failed to connect to the incoming/outgoing server: ‘’.
Please try again later

I’ve tried to set the files that it uses IncMail.exe,IMAPP.exe,IMNotfy.exe,ImpCnt.exe to email client and window system app or trusted app and still nothing


Please can someone help

Hi djtrekie,

Is there anything in your logs relating to incredimail?
Something you could try is remove all referances for incredimail from Defence+ and from your application rules,now put D+ in training mode and run the application.Tick “remember my answer” at each pop up.If all is now ok put D+ back to where you had it.
From reading there site all the .exe`s you mention need to be able to access the net.
When you try to run the application do you see anything in active connections.


thanks for your help

but i’m uninstalling it. I find it to bothersum to run a firewall. so many pop-ups and to many clicks to install programs. Plus all the my pending files to check.

I’ve been computing online for 25 years and haven’t had to many problems with hackers & virus (Knock on wood). I run virus & malware checks daily when computer is idle.

I was checking out the program for some friends and family but it’s to comlcated for them

Again Thanks

Some advice. When installing something simply put Comodo into install mode through the main GUI. Secondly put D+ in safe mode instead of clean pc mode so you dont have to deal with pending files. Comodo is more then a firewall. It is also a HIPS program.