Incredimail Installer - FP

Incredimail Installer (This downloads the actual mail client).

File attached, password = infected

Detection DB 2957

Detected as Heur.Suspicious@77055031

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Ronny,

Thanks for reporting.We will check that and get back to you shortly.


My CIS doesn’t detect it.Heuristics high. Detection DB 2957

If i download this with FF i get an alert on the cache folder and if i save it to disk also.

AV = Stateful, Heur=low

OK, it’s pretty weird.When i start the installer-nothing.When i quit it, CIS detects it. ???

Sounds creepy, what happens if you set to Statefull, Low, reboot and retry ?

Hi Ronny,

The false-positive was fixed with DB 2960. Thank you for reporting it!


Confirmed fixed