Incredimail and Ghost prob?

HY just a show and tell here. Installed the latest firewall version, found my Incredimail (latest version) and my Norton Ghost 9 Image viewer wouldn’t even open anymore.

Got some sort of memory error problem, in a gray box, didn’t bother taking a snap of it cause I wasn’t gona investigate it all night.

Anyway just lettin ya’ll know I had this happen to me, don’t kniow if its a problem on anybody elses machine with the same programs installed.

At least I did make a full image backup before I did this and just recovered that to solve my problem and put it back as it was with ZA 7 suite.

Not to rag on this firewall, its a neat looking tool and you can’t beat the price (:WIN)

besides ZA 7 is having its own problems right niow :-\