increased shutdown time

I have been experiencing increased computer shut down times of about 30 to 40 seconds lately. IT had been shutting down in around 20 seconds in the past. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but would appreciate a response if anyone has an answer. :)The only thing different in my setup is my installation of BOClean so I’m wondering if BOClean is doing some processes during shut down that would account for the increased shut down time. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I have never experienced any increased shut down times from BOClean and as far as I know it shouldn’t significantly affect them.

Try the user profile hive cleanup service from Microsoft:

My shutdown time is 11 seconds since using it.


Thanks for the UPH clean. I installed it. I’ll come back and let you know if it helped. :slight_smile:

N.T.T.W., Does this UPH Clean run on its own, or do I have to type in instructions? Reading the Read Me file, I’m confused. I never learned Dos so I don’t want to start typing in anything.

Hi twl845,

once the service is installed on your pc it runs at startup and requires no further user input.

As long as you use one of the folowing operating systmes you should be ok to use it:

Windows 2000; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP.

Just dowload the file and then open it to install it and you should never have to input anything after installation.


OK thanks.

Quick question. Does the Hive Cleanup remained installed? I used it and my shutdown was faster, but I wasn’t sure I should keep it installed after using it. Thanks.

I would imagine we should leave it installed so it can work on a as needed basis. I’m only seeing about a 4 second improvement. Just to varify my installation is OK, my UPH Clean is a folder in windows explorer in Programs. When you click the .exe file you see a Dos prompt. That’s all there is. Is yours the same? :slight_smile:

Yes the file runs at start up and you should just leave it running. If you look in task manager you should see the uphclean.exe file running.


Thanks, and will do.

UPH clean is a brill little add on.
Reduced my shut down time from about 2 minutes to around 35 seconds. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in a reply above, I am getting about 30 seconds with the add on, where I was shutting down between 35 and 40 seconds before. Not much of a improvement. A little less than a year ago I was shutting down in 19 seconds after uninstalling Zone Alarm and installing Comodo. I think something I have installed must be taking a while to shut down.

Well you are using very light weight applications, CPF, NOD32 ect. I know for a fact its not a confliction with NOD32 because I myself have it. It could just be a slow down of shutdown from simply programs running. Its only a shut down time as long as it dosnt effect your regular computing I wouldnt mess with anything too much.

Hi Info-Sec, I guess you’re right, it probably is just an accumulation of apps running. It isn’t an inconvenience, just that I remember when it shut off in 19 seconds. ;D

Yea sometimes its just a coincidence I wouldnt worry about it.

This is an update on my initial post on long shutdowns. I have an app called Mailwasher that filters my incoming e-mails. By default it checks for new mail every 5 minutes. A while ago I decided that i would shorten that to 2 minutes so I would get new e-mails almost instantaneously. That worked fine, except that the thought just occurred to me that Mailwasher is almost constantly checking for new e-mails. On a hunch that this might be the cause of the long shutdowns, I put it back on the 5 minute checking for new e-mails. The computer now shuts down in 17 seconds. See, there’s a reason for everything. 88)

Ahh so that was it!

Glad to see its fixed!