Increase startup time

I have just checked my system with Soluto. It says that comodo startups 70 seconds. This is to much.
If it so, how can I increase the startup time.

Hi klauzer,
I am presuming you mean Comodo Internet Security.
If you have it enabled, try disabling Scan memory on start in Real time scanning settings.

This option is disable. What more can be the issue?

Hi klauzer,
Do you have any other anti-malware or firewall programs running that could be conflicting?
Any possible previously installed anti-malware programs that haven’t uninstalled cleanly, try running the corresponding Uninstaller tool.
What OS system are you running?
Try disabling unneeded windows services in particular if it is Vista, try disabling the search indexer.

Please make sure that there are no left overs of previously uninstalled security programs around. Not all uninstallers do a proper job. And left over applications, drivers or services can cause all sort of “interesting effects”.

Try using removal tools for those programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

I had a whole new windows instalation. So no other security apps where installed. But after some testing comodo as now startin 32s, is that normal?

That is a big variation indeed. Keep in mind that the boot order of applications is not static. It is possible that when a program starts together with a bunch of other executables that there is so much activity that it takes much longer to start completely.