Increase on memory usage with CIS v3.8 ?

Since CIS 3.5 got updated to 3.8 internally (quite long enough ) on feb 19 , i noticed an increase of about +25 mo on memory usage and also a certain periodical impack on cpu. I did not change any settings. Firewall and D+ set to Safe mode.

Using Win XP Pro sp3 fully up to date.

I wonder if anyone is experiencing the same ?

The memory usage increased very little due to a few more components added (e.g. Memory Firewall, Threatcast) but nowhere near +25megs. Do you mean when idling, scanning, etc?

Right now idling, my two cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe CIS processes are using a total of 6megs.

Its only using ~5-6mb on my computers… XP Pro 32bit and Vista Home Premium 64bit… And i have only seen it uses cpu when a scanning is running…