Increase in Win Explorer crashes since CIS4 installed (V4.1.150349.920 X32)

PRODUCT: Comodo Internet Security Premium

VERSION: 4.1.150349.920 (virus sig database 5784)

  1. CPU: AMD model TK-55, 64-bit capable (but running a 32-bit Windows OS)

  2. WINDOWS OS: 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2, running on an HP Pavillion Notebook with 4GB of RAM. It is worthy of note that every single possible Microsoft Windows update and patch has been applied so that the OS is very clean. And all HP utilities which are supposed to be on this notebook are both installed and up-to-date. It’s a very clean and tightly-configured machine. Nothing weird. No incompatibilities or problems… er… well… except for this new Windows Explorer crashing thing, now.

  3. REAL-TIME SECURITY APPS RUNNING: CIS 4.1.150349.920, and SuperAntiSpyware Pro ver I use other security apps (like Malware Bytes, and Spyware Blaster, etc.), but none of them are running realtime in the system tray (or I guess nowadays we’re supposed to call it the “Notification Area”… pardon me). Whatever other security apps I use are only used for manual scans; and I allow no services or processes which may be assocated with them to run all the time. And none of them have ever caused the crashing, in any case.

  4. SYMPTOM: After running CIS 3 with nary a problem for… I dunno… years… suddenly now that I’ve finally pulled the trigger on updating from CIS3 to CIS4, all of a sudden Windows Explorer is crashing way more than ever before. Before it crashed maybe once a month, if that; but now it crashes daily… up to three times daily… and, again, only since CIS3 was uninstalled, and CIS4 was installed. I cannot reproduce it; it just happens when it happens. Just FYI: Before installing CIS4, I completely uninstalled CIS3 using REVO UNINSTALLER’s most aggressive mode so that all old CIS3 files, folders and registery items were removed; and then I rebooted (twice), and installed CIS4.

  5. STEPS TAKEN TO RESOLVE: I haven’t done anything yet, however I know that having either too many things, or having the wrong things installed on the Windows Explorer right-click menu can cause Windows Explorer to crash; and so I’m planning, this weekend, on using NirSoft’s “ShellExView” and “ShellMenuView” utilities to try to troubleshoot the right-click menu to see if anything is odd. It is worthy of note that CIS4 installs a Windows Explorer right-click menu item; so one of the things I’m going to experiment with is disabling the CIS right-click menu item and seeing if that makes a difference. I will, of course, report to you if it does.

  6. CIS MODES: Temporarily, because I’m moving a lot of things around on my machine, and launching things to see what they are, etc., I’ve disabled AV and Defense+ (I’m very experienced and know what I’m doing). The firewall, however, is in “Safe Mode” and the Sandbox is disabled. When I DO turn things back on, I’ll be putting AV into “Stateful” mode, and Defense+ into “Clean PC” mode. But for now – and all during these Windows Explorer crashes – AV is disabled, Defense+ is disabled, and the Firewall is in “Safe Mode” (which is where it will always stay). A FIREWALL CONFIG FILE EXPORT IS ATTACHED.

  7. Re BSODs: There are no BSODs. No system rebooting. Nothing that serious. Only Windows Explorer suddenly crashing daily – sometimes thrice daily – since installing CIS 4. There was never a problem with CIS 3.

  8. ADMIN MODE & UAC: I’m the only user of this machine. I’ve 33 years of experience in IT, with twenty-something of THOSE years as both a Windwos user and one who has installed it on literally THOUSANDS of machines (experienced with Win Ver1.0 through Win7). So I always run in Administrator mode; and I never have UAC enabled (and, as long as we’re on the subject, I wouldn’t mind punching in the nose the idiot at Microsoft who thought-up UAC… but I digress… sorry).


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One thing I forgot to add in my item 5, in my thread-staring post…

While I’m experimenting with whether the mere addition of COMODO CIS to the Windows Explorer right-click menu is causing the problem…

…it would sure be nice if CIS’s developers would double-check and figure out if CIS is doing anything weird in the way it adds itself, and then sits on, Windows Explorer’s right-click menu.

Just tryin’ to help.