Increase in our detection rate.

Hi Guys

Just to let you know, there was an update where we increased our detection by around 3000 viruses by incorporating a new unpacker!

We will keep doing that :slight_smile:


GREAT ;D Thanks for the update Melih!

P.S. Is that why I had to reboot this morning?

The Updater was also updated.

Excellent news on the new unpacker and bd update Melih!


Will this update address the issue with the Scan Engine error?

Not sure, i will check…

There is another big update that will get us another 10,000 or so detection soon :wink:

We mean business when we say, we are gunning for the best protection from malware! :wink:



That sounds great. For info whatever was in the update all of a sudden I can run a full scan. You might recall it hung on two of my big folders (which I excluded). (V)


Or course you do :smiley:

Excellent news Melih. Great to see such large increases.



Good news :wink:

Now its time to get CAVS to rock & roll :wink:


Since it informed you to reboot, and the reboot was the “missing link” that caused the problem in the first place… I’d say yes. :wink: