Increase baloon messages and popups existance time

Good afternoon dear Comodo gurus. I have 2 questions:

  1. It seems that there are no such possibility to increase the time for which the baloon message(like “Defense+ learns”) is shown above my taskbar, isn’t it? Or I just didn’t find it?
    I ask because sometimes I can’t react on it because there is much written. I would like to set the time for which these very useful baloon messages exist.

  2. When I receive popup notification about what Comodo should do to a process or connection, I may not know what to do(and don’t want to click on the link “How to make a decision”). Therefore, I open my browser and search for the process and possible solutions. But after a period of time(about 2-3 minutes) the popup disappears WITHOUT letting me know what decision did it make! How can I extend existing time of this popup? (I know the decision it makes already, found in FAQ: “If you don’t answer, the response by CFP3 is to block but not remember. So next time there is an attempt, you will get another popup.” )

Thank you for your answer in advance!

  1. Sorry you cannot alter the time for ballon messages.

  2. Screenshot below default is 120 you can change it to maximum 999.
    Summary screen/ Network Defence or Proactive Defence click on the Mode you have set to get screen.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thank you for your answer!

Could you please tell me, where can I add a feature request according to this?

Hey! Thanks for that! I’m just get used to soft with all settings located in the same place - that’s why I didh’t find it. But thanks anyway, you helped me! (V)

You can add your wish Here
Thank you

Thank you too!

Just for you to know, here is a wish: wish link

Thanks :slight_smile: