Incorrect registry entry after updating

Recently I’ve been running around the office updating from version 5.8 to version 5.9. After updating I run my Windows WMI scanner to verify (remotely) that the correct version has been installed throughout the office.

Turns out, sometimes (it doesn’t seem to be consistent) the version number in the windows registry does not correctly reflect the updated version. In my specific case, while the version on the machine is confirmed to be 5.9 (by going to the about and checking version), the windows registry still shows 5.8, which, in-turn makes my WMI scanner report that the machine is running version 5.8.

I’d rather not have to do a complete reinstall of Comodo, so any advice would be appreciated.

75 views and not one word of help.

I also would like to throw into the mix that a computer running version 5.5 was updated to 5.9 (confirmed by going to about) and yet the registry entry for Product Version still has 5.5.

Certainly I wouldn’t have to do a full re-install every time I wanted to update to the latest version, would I?

Hi TechJKL,

Yes that’s a bug that we reported a number of times, the ‘updater’ forgets to change the version in the registry :-\

Please file a new bug report here Comodo Forum
As they otherwise might have the impression that it’s just a cosmetic bug, which it clearly isn’t in your case.

Thanks Ronny! I appreciate it very much. I have submitted a bug request including a screenshot showing the about info pane showing the correctly installed version 5.9 and the registry entry showing Product Version to be 5.5. Nothing like a screenshot to make things absolutely clear.

I noticed it, good report thanks.