Incorrect Installer Offered for Download

The issue is the incorrect installer is offered for download. To duplicate this, follow the steps below.

Go to
Click on “Free Products” located on the bottom left of the main graphic banner
Scroll down to about half way down the page on the right hand side to “Antivirus for Linux”
Click on “Free Download” button
In my case, I am using Scientific Linux 64bit operating system. The file that is offered for download is CAV_LINUX-1.0.239818-1.i686.rpm. This is not the correct file for my operating system. The correct file is CAV_LINUX-1.0.239818-1.x86_64.rpm

Direct download links below

Download links:

  • RPM package, 32 bits[/b]

size: 24.3 MB (25,543,386 bytes)
md5: 7dc87a10f489a6d5db8b7c8b90f1fe5c
sha1: ed834b0d25dd1679a8bfb0a29a4bb006f752f3c1

  • RPM package , 64 bits[/b]

size: 24.7 MB (25,927,333 bytes)
md5: 98dba27aa5fa3bcc24d89a2f87190735
sha1: 3d1b4af1d6ca087ba4d30b17210433842ccf6581

- DEB package, 32 bits

size: 24.3 MB (25,547,968 bytes)
md5: 6626cd064079d26e9b0a391942cdea83
sha1: 6b58a5f2e876d42a2d555e290c88de708bf8dedc

- DEB package, 64 bits

size: 24.7 MB (25,923,010 bytes)
md5: f27829d950ccf701ef7cdb5c60f7fffe
sha1: 58c55547c2818c886a10992b17613696daf4c309

On this page

this URL

needs to be changed to

i am trying this installer in my laptop computer, but not supported and showing error.