Incorrect display of E-Mail links

After using Dragon quite a while i now got a serious prob. I am using GMX as one of various E-Mail providers, but since an dragon update some months ago i cannot be linked directly out of the E-Mail.

Everytime i click a link dragon just open the GMX Homepage so i need 2 use another browser to get the correct result.

This prob only exists w/ Dragon and GMX. Any other Browser or Provider combo works perfect.

Windows XP SP3 (32bit)
Dragon: stable and only stables were and are used(and w/ earlier versions)
Extensions: AdBlock2.5.22; Freemake videoconverter 1.0.0; SpeedDial2
Drive: C
Admin: Yes
Browsers: SRWare Iron as “helping hand”; Internet Explorer as requested and needed^^

I have seen that there is an error/failure text in the Dragon console, but i am no expert about that topic.

Does anyone have or had similar trouble??

Btw, i waited for the following updates and same result and i did deinstall and reinstall dragon but not erasing my user profile 2 not lose my tons of bookmarks. And this is another prob, i cannot copy all bookmarks to any other browser, just because Dragon is not supported and if im right i need 2 copy one bookmark after another all manual because even backup progs don’t support the Dragon.

Anyone can help me?? Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

Hi Ketzer,
You could try disabling Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) if you have it enabled.
Settings, Under the hood, Privacy.

Also make certain that you have Allow sites to run Javascript enabled.
Settings, Under the hood, Privacy Content settings.

Regarding bookmarks. Export them to a HTML file via Bookmarks manager, then you should be able to import them into your desired browser.
Bookmarks, Bookmark manager, organize.

Thx captain…i already found the clue on ur fisrt advice…BUT…i dunno understand why it DID work with the same settings before!!

Java is and was active.

And w/ Bookmarks it’ll work as u said, but its frustrating that there is no “direct” communication possible between the different browsers.

Anyway thank u very much 4 ur kind reply and enjoy life…its short enough^^


You are welcome.
Maybe this function is getting more refined with each version, it is a relatively new function. :-\

And w/ Bookmarks it'll work as u said, but its frustrating that there is no "direct" communication possible between the different browsers.
True, but I don't notice it much myself as I always regularly back-up my bookmarks to a HTML file.

Kind regards to you.

Edit: I will move this to Help CD as it appears to be setting more so than a bug.