Incorrect Alerts


Coming back to CIS after a While, I see that there are still some issues.
For instance, when a program (say Warcraft) attempts to accept connections from the LAN (I was playing DOTA with some friends) Comodo alerts that it is an incoming connection from the Internet, WHICH IS NOT.

I have set up a trusted network, told comodo that I want to be visible and share with that network and still it does not treat it as trusted but alerts of incoming connections from the Internet, THAT IS NOT GOOD.

How can I trust an alert that does not distinguish traffic coming from a trusted network (that I can allow) than traffic from the Internet (that I don’t want to allow) ??

Any clues?


No answers?
At least let me know you’re interested please…


Can yo show me a screenshot of your Global Rules as well as of the application rule of System?

Also I need to know if the application rules for your games are allowing incoming traffic.

The reason I am asking is that incoming traffic first sees Global Rules (they seem fine from what I read) and then will go through the application rule. Both situations need to allow incoming traffic.

I know what you mean about reading rules but what I’m seeing is that when a program (say a game) that has outgoing access (i don’t restrict that) wants to connect to a lan game, in the alert for that connection you see a private IP within my local network range and the alert still reads INCOMING INTERNET TRAFFIC which is not true.
What I’m asking is why does comodo not distinguish between legitimate local traffic and internet traffic. I have my local network properly set up (two Win 7 x64 PC’s and one x32) they share a Home Group and see each other just fine ergo, COMODO should tell me that a LOCAL INCOMING TRAFFIC is detected not Internet.

I’m from Argentina so English is not my home language that’s why I’ll ask if I’m being clear. I have used comodo before and I know and understand how it reads rules. If there is a rule allowing local traffic and an application is requesting to accept connections from a PC within that LOCAL rule then the alert should not read Internet traffic It should alert the user that a program is trying to accept connections within the local network, at least that is what I see on most firewalls today.

Before comodo I used PCTools, and Eset Smart Security. Eset’s firewall distinguished clearly between trusted zone traffic and Internet traffic and PCTools by default will allow incoming local traffic which is a more easy approach and usually will not generate alerts for games on a private LAN.


PS I can’t post screenshots because I have uninstalled v4 planing to update to v5 If all goes well.
Still need to get this clarified.

I see what you mean now. CIS should say connection coming from your trusted Lan instead telling it is coming from the internet.

I will move this to the wish board.

By the way: +1

Thanks for the +1
Hope this makes it to the program as a feature.