Inconvenient updating


updated just to 5.0.163652 via installer and having several critic remarks:

Firstly why the updates are only available via standalone installer and not the built-in update checker (this was minor upodae from CFW 5.x), it renders builtin updater useless.
Secondly and that is implied from previous issue, why installer not more polite and removes all network rules, defined networks, and settings of previous version, even on such a minor update.
This represents a need to reconfigure everything even on minor update.

The built in updater works just fine. The reason this minor update wasn’t released by the updater is because there was really nothing to update.

It was a release that added support for updates from version 4. So if you were using version 4, now the automatic updater would be able to upgrade you to version 5. Since you were already using version 5, the additional support to upgrade from version 4 is obviously nothing that you needed updating…

If I remeber well, internal notifier didnot trigger neither update from 4x → 5.x, then I’m not too clear what kinds of updates update checker does ever detect.
Anyway it’s not as important if updates are handled by firewall self or by downloading installer manually, the point was to make updating from any to any version careless, i.e. without having to configure everything from scratch, especially for updates within same major version.

Version 4 would not have been able to update until the support was added. This did not happen immediately after version 5’s release.

Well, it’s often not possible to update seamlessly from major release version to another major release version, as too much may have changed internally. In cases like this, you will need to update manually.

But again, you didn’t need to update manually in this case, because there was absolutely nothing beneficial to the version you are running in the latest minor update. There was in fact no “update” that applied to the version you were running…