Inconsistent save of passwords

Comodo Dragon Browser Version
Windows 8, 64-bit - Dell Inspiron Laptop
AVG AV installed

The browser is not prompting to save for all web sites. It saves and works with Facebook and a few other random sites where I choose to save passwords but for some reason it refuses to save password and login data for Google accounts.

I did not have this problem with an earlier version of CD. However after a problem of another nature I removed CD completely and then reinstalled. Since then I have seen this behavior.

The password management pane displays those sites that are saving user names and passwords OK. I do not have any exceptions programmed it - ie to refuse saving.

I’m not having this problem with IE10, or Firefox.

Interestingly I have to maintain 2 Facebook accounts (personal and work) and CD does pop up the logins for that but for what ever reason it currently dislikes Google logins.


Hi sunclad,
Please check that incorrect passwords have not accidentally been added to the Saved Password List.
Manage automatic password settings

Also sometimes for Google accounts to work correctly, the Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header) option needs to be disabled.
Found under privacy in the advanced settings.
Configuring Advanced Settings

All of the settings under PRIVACY in CD are UNCHECKED - off.

CD is checked to ask me to save user names and passwords. That feature is working. For example when I came to this forum, it properly offered me my user name and password to gain entrance here. It does offer me at other sites such as Facebook as well.

There are no saved passwords for any Google or Google-related domain in the password file.

In the past, I would access a Google login page and start to type the user name. Usually after typing the first 1-2 letters CD would offer me a selection from the password file. In fact it does that for Facebook because I manage 2 logins there.

However, when I login to Google, CD is not asking me to save the user name and password for any Google-related login page, and despite asking the page to “keep me logged in” it still does not save the user name and password.

I am not having this problem with Gecko-based browsers such as FireFox, nor IE10.

This feature was working in CD in a past version but after a problem requiring me to uninstall CD and re-install it, it now refuses to interact with Google. The suggestion here, is that if it is working for Facebook and other sites (such as my cell phone company, Facebook, and other sites, etc) that the problem is some code that Google may be sending that CD is not rendering properly.


I have Google Chrome version 27.0.1453.94-m also installed.

This issue is reproduce-able with that version of Chrome as well, but only for Google site logins.

The suggestion is that this is a Chrome bug.

Thanks for posting your findings sunclad, it is appreciated. :-TU
Let us hope future versions resolve this issue.

This version 27.1 and possibly previous versions are NOT asking me if I want to save a username & password combination for “logins”. Both check marks are set for autofill…, and offer to save…, but when I sign in to an account (using AT&T, and Yahoo) Comodo Dragon will not ask/offer to save the combination.

Windows Vista, Toshiba Satellite P3XX, Comodo Dragon 27.1

I reported similar back in May

In my case the request to save passwords is not consistent. Some sites it will ask me and some it will not.

I found that Google sites (Gmail, Google Docs, etc) were specifically impacted but a few other sites as well.

Yet i am not having that same problem with Fire Fox or IE10 or even Google Chrome.

When this happened I uninstalled CD and gave it a fresh install only to find that all of my saved passwords were trashed, and not all would be copied over when the boomkmarks were pulled over from other browsers at set up.

I have also reported a problem with a text macro program not being allowed to input text so I am beginning to wonder if these are related?

Still a problem in

Not a problem in the latest Google Chrome or other browsers.

June 23, 2013 - 6 PM EDT/USA

This is now a month old.

Still a problem in version

CD is starting to loose me.


The login form detection in Dragon is the same as in Chromium. Changing any part related to this functionality could damage the browser’s functionality in current or future versions.

Also, there are websites which specifically ask the browser to not save the password for security reasons.


Yes, but my installation has no adjustments. It is a straight install as offered at the CD website or as made available as an update pushed from the source.

As noted in my earlier message, Google Chrome WILL save the Google passwords as well Firefox, IE10, and Opera.

Only Comodo’s version is not allowing me to accept the passwords.

You do bring up an interesting point however, might Google be determining we are using CD and refusing to save passwords because they see it as a competitor or because they don’t like the fact that this version of Chrome will not work with their data harvesting systems?


I am having the same issue. I installed CD on my computer sometime back, love it. Everything works great. Got my friend to switch over to it from FF and for the life of me i can not get the request to save or not to come up. Everything is checked, I have removed and re-installed… for the life of me can not get it to save password. It does store the ID, just not the pw. Same sites that i use… just never comes up. ???

i am having the same issue. Running CD on two separate computers, one is working perfectly and the other simply does not even come up requesting to save or not. Gone to the same websites on both computers, again one asks, other one does not. Check marks are all in place properly. Have run a repair, then did a full uninstall and reinstall… nada ???

+1, same issue. Windows 7, CD