incomplete graphic in comodo dragon

there are 4 screenshots, made in 4 diff. browsers (see attachments)
only Comodo Dragon is incomplete ??!!??
is it bug or something missing ?

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Hi leone,
It is displaying properly here with Dragon v16.2.1.0
Have you any added extensions? If yes try disabling each one individually in case of a conflict.
Are you running default settings for Dragon?

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Hi captainsticks,

thanks a lot. I did all according to your instructions, even reinstalled Comodo Dragon, removed all extensions, did the same procedure with my 2nd laptop but it didn’t work with either of 2 laptops. there is probably some conflict with one of installed programs but which one (there are too many in my computers)? Strange thing is, if there is some conflict between any of installed programs and Comodo why it is not the same case with other browsers (especially with Chrome) ?
Comodo is very, very fast (seems faster than Chrome), takes much less space (69mb) than Chrome (163mb) when installed and maybe it is the reason something is missing in Comodo to show full graphic like other browsers.
best regards,

Hi leone,
Sorry I have been of no help, but just hang in there for a while as I have asked for the other Mods to take a look at this issue.
They might respond if they have any ideas of what is happening.
Good luck.

Try cleaning cache and cookies and restarting Dragon

Also make sure you are using the latest drivers of your graphics adapter. That may not help here but is important with browsers using hardware acceleration these days.


The website won’t load the data unless the referrer information is sent.
To fix this you have to go to Options>Under the Hood and disable the Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header) option.

Thank you for your support.

Hi Blendea George-Silviu,
Thanks for this information. :-TU
Kind regards.

Edit: I will move this to Help-CD as it is not a bug, thanks.

Now it works. Thanks a lot. I am happy to use Comodo, it is very, very fast…