incompatible software found??? D:

I’m trying to install the firewall and anti virus for a 64bit windows 7 system. I have the firewall installed and everything is working correctly, but when I try to install the anti virus, I get this message “Please check the list of incompatible software found on your computer. These applications must be uninstalled before continuing: COMODO Internet Security 5.x”

I don’t remember installing any soft of Internet security. I didn’t install the DNS option, and I chose the version 2 for the firewall. Anyone have any idea how to find and uninstall this? ??? ???


Hi. (:WAV)
First, you don’t have to bump a topic less than a few days old.
Go to add/remove programs and change the firewall installation. go through the process and tick the antivirus box (both boxes should be ticked) when asked and advance through the rest of the process. You should now have both the antivirus and the firewall installed.

i had this same issue. Why is the response from software installation so…stupid? Not only is it indicating something that is 1) nonsensical (i.e. Comodo software conflicts with other Comodo software), but 2) it is just plain wrong. Obviously the install process is capable of detecting other Comodo software and displaying an information dialog…why not go ahead and have it say what what was suggested below by elliotcroft? Save everyone concerned a lot of time, trouble, and frustration…right? Or does that make too much sense?

Just make a list of security programs you had installed in the past. One of them left some things behind. Use the removal tools for those programs that can be found here and try installing again.