"incompatible software found" but I didn't use it at all..!!!

Today I’ll try to upgrade/change my CIS 4 to Comodo Firewall 4.1… after I uninstalled the CIS and begin to install CF 4.1, the installer detecting that my system has Kingsoft Internet Security installed but THERE’S NO WAY I’ve installed Kingsoft Internet Security in my system except Kingsoft Office…

How can i install CF 4.1 if this kind of problem still occured… I hope the developers can fix this as soon as possible…!!!

it’s a known problem, new installer coming next week. Sorry for the delays.

maybe you guys can add the “ignore” button for this case…

next week? oh well…

Try to download now the installer from the website the problem is now solved, the new installer is fixed.

Good News!

The incompatibility issue with other AVs etc is now resolved!

the version available on our website is the version with the fix in it..

thank you


PS: great speed you guys!!!