Incompatibility with Trustport Application Inspector

I would like to use comodo Firewall with Trustport Antivirus - both up-to-date, 2013 products. Individually both work perfect but in combination they kill my windows 7 system: during startup all essential system processes fail to start.

I narrowed down the problem to Trustport’s Application Inspector: if this tool is active and comodo FW is installed (no matter HIPS & behavior monitoring is active or not), system processes, like scheduler, shell common DLL, etc. crash.

Any ideas, how can I combine the two software? I saw before a forum user listing this combination in his setup, however, it was 2 years ago…

You can try adding the CIS installation folders to the exclusions of Trustport AV. Does that make a difference?

Also try adding the Trustport installation folder(s) to the Exclusions of Detect shellcode injections and see if that helps.

Tried both, doesn’t help:(

It seems, the Application Inspector is a kind of HIPS modul and Comodo prefer its own. (turning off HIPS and behavior monitoring in CFW doesn’t resolve the issue). Question is if I am right and I can safely turn of the AI from trustport and rely on the HIPS of Comodo.

Running two security types of the same kind at the same time is something we do not recommend. In your case you would need to choose between the Trustport and the Comodo HIPS.

I checked the proactive capabilities of Trustport HIPS in the Proactive Security Challenge from Matousec and saw that it brings little to the table when compared to CIS. I advise to disable Trustport HIPS and use CIS HIPS.

Clear. I am just not 100% sure, if the Application Inspector is Trustport’s HIPS.