Incompatibility with GameGuard

Well well… I was playing Ragnarok, Comodo updating… Ok i continued playing, but after i closed the game and opnd again, my game made my PC to restart. I’ve been looking whole internet and discovered that Comodo is not Compatible with gameguard. Im uninstalling Comodo now and ill wait for a new update to fix this horrible bug. Ill be monitoring this posts if any answers.

PS: I Allowed EVERYTHING with Comodo (Firewall and Defense+), I deactivated too but the problem stills.


Please use the search feature provided on this forums, their is a solution on here.

I have the same exact problem Kyle, The old version worked perfectly and this new one seems very buggy. I hope they fix this soon.

ps. what would we even look under? ive searched gameguard and this is the only post to show up.

That’s ok, no problem. Was just a bit lazy at the time sorry… I’ve seriously answered about 10 threads exactly the same as this one lol