Incompatibility with Cycling74's MAX copy protection (paceap)

I installed recently MAX from Cycling74 ( ) and it seems there is an incompatibilty with its copy protection (from ) on 64 bits Windows (I have Win 7 64 bits and someone reported having the problem on Vista 64 too)

Given I only had the firewall installed in CIS I assume it must be a Defense+ issue as I can’t really imagine the network firewall causing this.

EDIT: here is the releveant thread on Cycyling74’s forums Page Not Found | Cycling '74

I have the same problem with Oveloud TH1 and MarkBass (all have iLok protection). Comodo 3.12 (with switched off Defense+) works good, but after updating to 3.13 and running iLok-protected program system (Windows 7 x64) goes to bsod. Disabling Defense+ in 3.13 doesn’t help.


I just registered to ask how things were going regarding this. Could I follow any quickfixes of any kind other than those discussed in the topic?
I need Max/MSP for my school projects so I can’t afford this program in a dysfunctional state.

In any case, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You may find the fix referred to here works. If so please do report back in this trace.

Best wishes


Hey mouse1, first of all thanks for giving me some directions.

Here’s a list what I did, unfortunately only the last measure worked for me:

  • Tried adding max.exe to My Trusted Software Vendors, but failed because “The file does not seem to be a valid signed executable.”
  • Added whole Max 5.0 folder to safe files. → rebooted → no change. (I’ve understood that by doing this, that app becase ‘unsandboxed’, correct?)
  • Finally, I disabled guard32.dll and guard64.dll in the AppInit tab in Sysinternals Autoruns … and that did the trick!

…but now I’m unable to use Defense+

  • Strangely enough, max.exe or its relatives in the folder don’t appear in the Defense+ logs.

In any case, if you’d like me to test anything to fix this then I’m at your service :slight_smile:

Thanks once again,

You should be able to use Defense plus with guardxx.dll disabled, though some of its protection may not be operative.

Else, sorry but its roll on 4.1. (Real soon now we think!)

Best wishes