incompatibility problems with cis 3.9


I have a compatibility problem with cis 3.9 and thundirbird 2.00.21 because i want to configure two email acounts 1 for gmail and another for live hotmail.
And as soon as i open thunderbird de comodo internet security firewall send’s to me an alert asking me for allow or deny acess, and answer treat this like email cliente but suddenly the cis makes the same question again but this time without the email client option.
I allow acess, then i wait until the error message apears tel-me that the time server is out.
So I can’t dowload all emails from this acount.
Can you help me

Which of the two accounts gives the problem? What protocol does it use? Is this a clean install of 3.9 or did you update from 3.8?

Can you post a screenshot of the Application Rules (FIrewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy) of Thunderbird?

Can you also show a screenshot of your Firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.