Incompatibility between Comodo 2.3.33 and ProcessGuard

My initial install of CPF 2.3.33 beta went well, but after a while the computer froze completely - this happened several times.

On a hunch, I decided to uninstall ProcessGuard (full version), and then CPF worked perfectly, without any problems - apparently the two programs are incompatible, at least on my system. (I later installed System Safety Monitor, and had no problems with CPF.)

I don’t know whether this is just my system, but I think that it’s something the developers should know about.

Thank you for the feedback,

Can you also tell us your OS and the version of the PG you use?


My OS is Win XP Pro (SP 2), with all updates installed, and the version of PG is 3.410 full version.

Thx. Please also report this issue to the creators of PG so that in case of a problem in that software, they will also issue a fix.


Will do.

I am running “Process Guard v3.410 Full Version” and “Comodo Beta” firewall together ever since the day Comodo was released, and I have not experienced one single system freeze. I have an nForce2 board with AMD Athlon and XP Pro SP2 fully patched. On Process Guard’s Secruity tab I have CPF.exe set to “Permit Always + Ignore Change”. On Process Guard’s Protection tab, I have omitted CPF.exe, since it already protects itself, and doesn’t seem to require any of the Process Guard “permissions” that are granted on that tab.

I have occasional “freezing” of my internet connection, but I’ve been trying to solve that for months–1st by removing Zone Alarm Pro, then by removing Port Explorer. This freezing seems more frequent after installing Comodo, but I’m not sure, and I suspect its related to running TCPView continuously for long periods–I have just removed TCPView from my Start folder.